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Pack of 2 Kingtox Green Aik 600ml

 951  799
Kingtox Classic Green is an all insect killing insecticide which is one of the most popular and trusted brand in Pakistan for the category of insecticide aerosol. It has earned the strong consumer loyalty by providing successful results since decades. It is:
  • Uniquely formulated to kill lizards.
  • It is also very effective killer of flying and crawling insects.
  • Rapid action and long lasting.
  • Adds a rich classic lemon scent which refreshes the ambience.
  • It can be use both indoors and outdoors.
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Riddex Pests Repelling – Get rid of Mouse, Mosquitoes and Cockroaches

 980  699
  • Pests Repellent
  • Eliminates rodents, roaches, spiders & mosquitoes
  • Plug in to any socket outlet
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Non toxic
  • No chemicals or use of poison
  • Product works in an empty space/room
  • Humanely drives pests from your home
  • No chemicals, poisons, traps or dead pests to clean up
  • 100% Safe to use around children, electronics and most pets
  • Built to protect multiple rooms of a house, apartment or condominium
  • Immediately starts paying for itself
  • Built-in nightlight and LED indicator
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • High Quality Product
  • Made in China
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