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Tescoma 354924 PRESTO Gas Lighter(12/72)

Description:Gas lighter ideal for lighting all types of gas cookers, ovens, barbecues and candles. With the leverage you can adjust the intensity of the flame as needed. The lighter is equipped with safe, the "Stop" button will prevent the operation of the accessory, very important if there are children at home. Fuelled with usual gas for lighters. Length: 26 cm

Tescoma 881207 PRECIOSO Knife 12cm (120/12)

Description:The manually ground blade with the “V-profile” is excellent for precise cutting and slicing without much effort. The perfectly ergonomic anti-skid handle does not slip in the palm. Knife PRECIOSO is comfortable and safe to use. Made of high-grade German cutlery steel. Total length 23,5 cm - blade length 12 cm

Prestige Bread Knife

The Prestige Bread Knife is made from specially-hardened stainless steel so it remains sharp for a long time. Super sharp edge for precisions cutting.
Product Features:
  • Tough taper ground blades
  • Food safe
  • Hand wash recommended

Tescoma 862050 SONIC 20cm Bread Knife 12/72

Description:Kitchen knife with special edge for easy slicing of bread. Blade of high-grade stainless steel, ergonomic handle of resistant plastic, shaped and ground for maximum effect and safe use. Blade length: 20 cm

Prestige Wood Spoon 72ctn

Use this Prestige Wooden Spoon in your kitchen for many purposes. It’s strong and sturdy made of high quality wood, making it long-lasting. Wooden spoons are preferred to be used with non-stick utensils for protecting the non-stick layer. This spoon has a concave design, making it perfect to be used

Prestige Classic Knife 72c

  • The Classic Paring Knife is used to peel vegetables and fruits
  • High-impact handle is riveted to the full tang for superior balance and maneuverability
  • Hand washing is recommended for best care

Tescoma 428645 Orange Juicer GrandChef 24c

Description:Excellent for easily juicing oranges. Made of highly resistant composite metals. Application: Place one half of an orange into the lower part of the juicer with the pulp facing downwards and juice by pressing the handle. Useful hint: If the cut orange has a thick skin, slit the rind at several places.

Prestige 3pcs Tart Set

Product Features:
  • Prestige Main Ingredients 3pc Tart Set
  • 3 piece tart set
  • Baking and pastry
  • Includes a manual

Tescoma 420650 PRESTO Egg Separator(12/144)

Description:excellent for easy separation of egg whites the separator is to be attached to the edge of a cupthe egg broken and let to flow through the holes made of resistant plastic ø 9 cm

Prestige Bread Tin 6pc/ctn

  • Discounts available on App
  • Premium Non-Stick Coating Inside Out
  • Dimensions: 400 x 152 x 58 mm (External), 375 x 108 x 55 mm (Internal)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Temperature upto 240 Degree Centigrade

Prestige Cutting Board

Made of the highest quality food grade materials with non-skid, soft touch grip. Will not dull fine knives and reversible cutting board.Product Features:
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Food safe
  • Hand wash recommended

Tescoma 646616 TEO 1Ltr Jug Refrigerator 12c

Description:Excellent for storing juice, water, milk etc. in refrigerator door and for serving them. The pitcher is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the cap is made of resistant plastic. Dimensions: capacity 1 l - ø 9,5 cm - height 24 cm

Tescoma 420982 PARTYSPOONS,15PCS”PRESTO” 12-144

Description:Excellent for serving ice cream, creamy desserts, etc. Made of excellent resistant plastic.

Tescoma 8884528 Cook’s Knife 13cm AZZA 48c

  • Great for Kitchen
  • Brilliant design
  • Easy to use

Tescoma 881229 PRECIOSO Knife 18cm (72/12)

Description:The manually ground blade with the "V-profile" is excellent for precise cutting and slicing without much effort. The perfectly ergonomic anti-skid handle does not slip in the palm. Knife PRECIOSO is comfortable and safe to use. Made of high-grade German cutlery steel.

Prestige Premium Skim Drainer

Use this Prestige Premium Skim Drainer to drain any kind of liquid like water or oil. Its design helps it to easily drain every drop of liquid leaving only solids behind. Now get french fries out of the fryer without having so much oil in your plate. This drainer is made of Nylon and it is very longlasting.

Tescoma 650380 CLUB Suger Jar 6/36

Description:Table sugar / grated cheese jar for domestic use and professional catering alike supplied with a spoon for comfortable and stylish dosing made of high-grade stainless steel, glass and resistant plastic metal parts surface high gloss.

Prestige Cheese Greator 72ctn

  • Brand : Prestige
  • Type : Cheese Cutters & Graters
  • Material : Stainless Steel

Prestige Flat Greator (72c)

Get this good quality Prestige Flat Grater. It’s made of good quality steel, it’s durable and strong. Outer body and handle is made of plastic, making it easy to hold and use. It has two different grater options and there is a slicer in the middle. Grate or slice fruits, vegetable, cheese or butter using this grater.

Prestige Travel Iron

Seize the day looking presentable every morning when you run this Iron through your garments. Allowing you to store it after use with a heel rest accompaniment, this iron is an absolute necessity

Tescoma 420847 StainlesSteel Hook4ct Presto 144c

Description:Excellent for suspending kitchen cloths, oven mitts, heatproof mats, aprons, etc. Made of high-grade stainless steel, with a high-quality adhesive layer.

Prestige Measuring Jug 0.5Ltr


Features :

Measure your main baking ingredients using this Prestige Measuring Jug. It is made of lightweight yet very durable plastic. The jug can measure up to 500 ml/ 2 ½ cups. The jug is totally washable, microwave and food safe.

Tescoma 634524 ACCURA 5Kg Kitchen Scale (12/ctn)

Description:Excellent for weighing food, provided with a user friendly scale with 5 g increments. Intended for domestic use.

Prestige Chef Knife

This Prestige Vibro Chef's knife is both extremely light and durable, perfect for the home kitchen. Being made from ceramic enables this knife to be rust free and it doesn't add a metallic taste to your foods.
Product Features:
  • Holds a sharper edge for longer
  • Rust free, durable and lightweight
  • No metallic taste or smell and doesn't brown fruit or vegetables
  • Soft grip - ergonomic handle ...

Prestige Premium Cleaning Brush

Clean utensils and kitchenware using this premium cleaning brush by Prestige. Its to easy to work with. Its bristles are made of good quality plastic making them strong yet very flexible. Its body is made of sturdy plastic giving it strength and durability.

Tescoma 428344 TESCOMA 10cm Strianer 144/c

Dscription:Available in 8 sizes, it's made of high-grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Tescoma 428420 Skimmer 12cm Grandchef 72

Description:Made of high-grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 3-year warranty. Dimensions: ø 12 cm - length 36 cm

Tescoma 638040 SPACELINE Universal Tong(12/144)

Description:First class kitchen utensils suitable for all types of cookware - excellent in particular for cookware with non-stick coating - made of material resistant to temperatures up to 210 °C - does not absorb aromas, tastes and colours of meals - handle designed for placement on suspension bar SPACE LINE. Length: 26 cm

Prestige 5Pcs Gadjet Set Blue 8-c


Key Features

  • Type: Cooking Utensils Set
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • A selection of handy gadgets.
  • Ready for any kitchen task
  • Ergonomic handles for a comfortable and confident grip